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Gourmet Meat & Cheese TrayParty TraysSMALL $54.99 Medium $69.99 Large $84.99

Beautifully hand arranged on a tray. Boar’s Head finest oven gold turkey, seasoned roast beef, lightly smoked ham, Swiss and American Cheese. SMALL 5 LBS. (Serves 15-18) MEDIUM 7 LBS. (Serves 18-25) LARGE 10 LBS. (Serves 30-40)

Cheese and Sausage TrayParty Trayssmall $49.99 large $64.99

Your choice of 3 sausages and 3 cheeses from our deli. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Cheese TrayParty Trayssmall $29.99 large $38.99

For the perfect complement to any sandwich choose up to six cheeses from our deli. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Fresh fruit tray with dipParty Trayssmall $29.99 large $49.99

Colorful tray of fresh fruit in season including strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes. Served with a centerpiece of sweet marshmallow dip. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 25-30)

Crisp vegetable tray & dipParty Trayssmall $29.99 large $48.99

Beautiful tray of broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber slices, carrots and celery sticks. Served with a centerpiece of zesty Ranch dip. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 25-30)

Crisp Relish TrayParty Trayssmall $28.99 large $42.99

Served on a tray with black olives, green olives, pickle spears, sweet pickle chips , banana peppers. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-25)

Garnish & Condiment trayParty Trays$25.99

Crisp shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, dill pickle spears, banana peppers, sliced sweet red onions, mayonnaise, Mannino’s special sauce, Boar’s Head honey mustard. (Serves 15-20).

Shrimp TrayParty Trayssmall $43.99 large $49.99

Ready to serve (peeled and de-veined) 26-30 shrimp hand arranged on a crisp bed of Lettuce, served with a centerpiece of Mannino’s special cocktail sauce. SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Anti Pasta TrayParty Tray$42.99

Cracked green olives, volpi salami, mixed with rope provel, cheese, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Dollar Roll TrayParty Trays2 1/2 doz. per tray $39.99 With Cheese $44.99

Dollar roll sandwiches arranged on a tray with your choice of three: ovengold turkey, roast beef, ham or chicken salad

Deluxe Party SandwichSandwiches15 in. $19.99 /30 in. $39.99/Wreath $49.99

All sandwiches are freshly sliced from our deli with the finest Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. Freshly sliced oven roasted turkey, roast beef and ham, with swiss and American cheese. Garnished with lettuce, tomato and pickles, with Mannino’s special sauce on the side. Served on our own fresh daily baked bread. 15 inch (Serves 6-8) 30 inch (Serves 12-16) Wreath (Serves 18-22)

Veggie Party Sandwichsandwiches$14.99 per ft.

The vegetarian version of our famous sandwich. Layers of thinly sliced cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, sweet red onions, provel cheese and crisp shredded lettuce. So delicious you don’ t even miss the meat! Mannino’s special sauce packaged separately. Served on our own daily fresh baked bread.

Smoked Chicken Wingsmeat$8.99 per lb.

Choose from Hot Buffalo or BBQ. Comes with your choice of 2 dipping sauces Ranch or Honey Mustard

Meat BallsMeat$8.99 per lb.

Your choice of Mannino’s special BBQ or marinara

Italian Roast BeefmeatItalian $11.99 per lb./Regular $10.99 per lb.

Bottom round roast beef slow cooked with Mannino’s special blend of Italian seasonings, onions and peppers! Available with your choice of Au Jus or gravy. Figure 1/2 lb. per person

Mama Clione's Beef Brisketmeat$19.99 per lb.

Slow cooked in our ovens with mama Clione’s very own recipe. Beef brisket also available in our savory brown gravy. Figure 1/2 lb. per person

Whole Chickenssmoked meats$13.99 ea.

Your choice of seasonings: Mannino's special Blend, smoke house, plain or lemon pepper.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloinsmoked meats$9.99 per lb.

Seasoned with special blend.

Baby back ribssmoked meats$9.49 per lb.

Slow cooked with our very own blend of spices.

Pork steakssmoked meats$5.99 per lb.

Cooked in Mannino's BBQ sauce.

Beef Brisketsmoked meats$19.99 per lb.

Tender, Juicy, Flavorful. Figure 1/2 lb. per person

Boneless Turkey Breastsmoked meats$12.99 lb.

Seasoned with special blend.

BBQ pulled pork or Chickensmoked meats$9.99 per lb.

Smoked pork or chicken in Mannino’s Kansas City style BBQ sauce. Figure 1/2 lb. per person

Chicken Alfredopastasmall $39.99 large $54.99

Boneless skinless chicken breast in a creamy white Alfredo sauce with regatta noodles SMALL (Serves 8-10) LARGE (Serves 15-20)

Mostacciolipastasmall $29.99 large $39.99

Everyone’s favorite! Regatta mostaccioli noodles in Mannino’s famous red meat sauce and Italian spices.

Baked Lasagnapastasmall $29.99 large $44.99

Layers of lasagna noodles, Mannino’s Special meat sauce, fresh Ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and Mannino’s blend of Italian spices. SMALL (Serves 8-10) LARGE (Serves 15-20)

Toasted Ravioliappetizer50pc $24.99 / 5 lbs (approx. 120) $49.99

Topped with parmesan cheese and marinara sauce on the side

Toasted Cannelloni Bitesappetizer$49.99

5lbs Battered and finished with seasoned Italian bread crumbs

Green Beans and Diced ham casserolesalads & sidessmall $16.99 large $29.99

SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Mannino's Italian Saladsalads & sidessmall $25.99 large $35.99

Iceberg lettuce, spring mix, mixed. Thinly sliced red onion, black olives, julianne sliced salami, rope provel cheese, garden fresh tomato slices. Italian dressing on the side. SMALL (Serves 8-10) Large (Serves 15-18)

Cranberry pecan chicken saladsalads & sides$9.99 per lb.

Creamy Buttered Mashed Potatoessalads & sidessmall $16.99 Large $25.99

Your choice of gravy: brown, chicken, pork, turkey. SMALL (Serves 15-20)
 LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Buttered cornsalads & sidessmall $16.99 large $25.99

SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Dill New Potatoessalads & sidessmall $21.99 large $29.99

New potatoes baked with creamy butter, garlic dill weed... Delicious! SMALL (Serves 15-20) LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Au Gratin Potatoessalads and sidessmall $22.99 large $39.99

Potato slices oven baked with a special blend of cheeses and seasonings. SMALL (Serves 15-20)
 LARGE (Serves 20-30)

Potato Saladsalads & sides$5.49 per lb.

your choice of mustard, red skin or loaded baked potato

Mannino's Famous Baked Beanssalads & sides$6.49 per lb.

Slow baked in the oven to perfection.

Cole slawsalads & sides$5.49 per lb.

Sweet and sour

Pasta Saladsalads & sides$5.49 per lb.

Your choice: Macaroni or pasta salad

Olive Saladsalads & sides$6.49 per lb.

Olives, carrots, cauliflower and salad tossed in a homemade sauce

Cookie TrayDessert$18.99

Assorted tray of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter cookies. Total qty. 24

Cookie and Brownie TrayDessert$24.99

Chocolate chip cookies and brownies Total qty. 24


Italian homemade Cannoli tray. Total qty. 24


Layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey. 24 pieces


Coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. It is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa. 5 lbs (Serves 18 - 24)